Announcements of January 31st


February Fitness Calendar
Here is the latest version of our February fitness calendar of Yoga, Zumba, Chair Volleyball, Tai Chi and other classes we offer. Or, you can also call Chantel at 313-846-6030.

AIHFS Blog Posting
“Some teachings say that the reason you have good dreams under a dream catcher is that the bad dreams get caught in the web part, others say that each knot tied is a grandmother or grandfather spirit protecting you from bad dreams in the spirit realm.” To read the rest of the posting, please use this link to go to our blog.


New Center Community Services
Thursday, February 9th, come talk with a psychiatrist at the New Center Community Services Family Support series 2017. You can learn about the most commonly diagnosed mental health conditions and the medications prescribed for them. The presenter will be Dr. Kathleen Brazzle.

Great Lakes NARCH College Summer Internship
Here is  a flyer and application for the college summer internship offered through the Native American Research Center for Health (NARCH) Program housed at Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council (GLITC) in Lac du Flambeau, WI. The NARCH Program works with Native American students in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.
Application (Word Doc):great-lakes-narch-intern-app-2017

Free Smoke Detectors
The Detroit Fire Prevention and Safety Program is making its rounds to city residences for the purpose of educating residents about fire, health, and safety hazards within their home.  During their visit they will install fire alarms (2), carbon monoxide detectors (1), and deadbolts (1) free of charge.
The worker will also be able to determine if you and your family are eligible for Lead Abatement Grants, Refrigerator Replacement, Utility and Water Assistance, Asthma and Allergy Management Education, Furnace Test and Tune Up, and/or Property Tax Assistance.  If you would like to learn more about the program or schedule an appointment for a worker to come to your home, please call (313) 409-8483. Also, they will be presenting at our February Safety Committee Meeting on February 8th 5:30-7:00pm at the Chadsey Condon Office, 6446 Michigan Ave.


Job Opportunities
SER Metro is opening Michigan’s first ever ‘Youth Reengagement Center,’ serving as a one stop center to provide an entry point to remove barriers that prevent youth, ages 16-24,  from successfully participating in the workforce.  There are also two job opportunities.

Detroiters Speak
Beginning February 9th , at the Cass Corridor Commons, everyone is invited to the Winter 2017 Detroiters Speak: Toward Education Justice. Some of the sessions will cover: What is the purpose of education?; Black, Brown, and Red Power- School Resistance; Emergency Mismanagement-The state’s role in Detroit’s public education.



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