Announcements of July 6th


AIHFS Newsletter
Our new newsletter is out! We have articles about hepatitis C, an upcoming parenting series, the Dream Seekers youth group,  breastfeeding, diabetes self-care and more.  Click this link to read our online version.

Or, click here to download the 4MB pdf: AIHFS July – Sept 2016 Newsletter


7th Fire Food Sovereignty Alliance
Today, Wednesday, July 6, from 5:30-7:30pm, the Healthy Foods Initiative Team is meeting here at AIHFS and invites you to join the coalition. We will be updating the community on the work we’ve been doing in the last few months. For more info contact Shiloh at 313-846-6030 or email:


Men’s Society Kick-off
Saturday, July 9th, from 1-4pm, we will have a chillin and grillin BBQ to kick-off the new beginnings for the Men’s Society, which was formally known as Men’s Talking Circle. Join us for food, fun and friendship. For more info, contact Keith Dayson at 313-846-6030.
Men's society kick off bbq 2016


Women’s Sweat Lodge
AIHFS will be hosting a Women’s Sweat Lodge the week of July 10th.  Women and young ladies welcome to join us for teachings and a lodge.  Please come early to help with preparations.  Bring a small dish to share if you can.  Please bring tobacco, shakers and sweat lodge attire-long cotton skirts or robe, towel.  No metal.  If you are interested in attending or have any questions, please contact Keith Dayson at (313)846-3718
Women's Lodge with Bea Jackson Flyer July 2016


AIHFS Pow Wow and Health Fair
This is our annual pow wow and health fair. The event will be open to the public beginning at 11am, which is when we will also have a Wellness Walk. Our host drum will be Southern Straight and we are open to all dancers. We will have Native American arts and crafts, as well as Native food available for purchase. This is a free event and we are recommending you bring your lawn chairs so you’ll be able to watch all the dancing in comfort. This year’s pow wow will be right around the corner from our agency at Romanowski Park. For general information, email Thurman Bear at For vendor information, contact Casey Brant at You can also reach either person at 313-846-6030
This is a drug and alcohol free event. See you at the Pow Wow in the D!
pow wow flyer 2016


Mamas’ Summit
Mothering Justice will be hosting our 2nd annual Mamas’ Summit. The event will be held Saturday, July 9, 2016 at the United Way Office for Southeast Michigan located at 660 Woodward Ave., Suite 300, Detroit, MI, 48226 starting at 8:30AM – 3:00PM. The Mamas’ Summit is a daylong event aimed at training women on a variety of issues dealing with pregnancy and parenting. This is an issue and skill building event. The one day gathering of women will bring together mother activist from different issue fronts to learn from one another about the work they are doing and find synergy. This will also be an opportunity for individual leaders to learn advocacy skills. These are the topics we are looking to cover at this daylong event. The event will discuss several panels. One will be centered around our moms running for office and the other one will deal with mothering justice issues such as education, affordable childcare, wage theft and cost of education.
Registration at this link:


Cultural Garage
The Cultural Garage, located at 3439 Livernois, Detroit, is started their summer art program July 5, 2016. It is every day Monday through Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm. There will be many workshops for youth. For more info call Ismael Duran at 313-471-9768.


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