Announcements of March 25th

Healthy Foods Coalition
Thursday, March 31, 5-7pm, join us here at AIHFS in using your voice to assist in making healthy food policies that will effect our Native Community, network with individuals/organizations working in food justice and being a part of the greater food community in Detroit. For more info call Shiloh or Rosebud, 313-846-3718.
healthy foods Coalition

Connecting with Pacific Relatives in Detroit
Thursday, March 31, from1-3pm at the Earthworks Urban Farm, 1264 Meldrum St, Detroit, MI 48207. There will be an exchange of ideas, traditions and strategies for strengthening communities from visiting Maori relatives, Wikuki Kingi and Tania Wolfgramm. We hope to engage in an exchange connecting people with interests in environmental social justice, cultural revitalization and resurgence and land-based practices such as food sovereignty. For more info, including biographies of the presenters, click on this pdf:
Connecting with pacific relatives in detroit

Volunteers Wanted
The Ann Arbor Dance for Mother Earth Powwow is looking for volunteers. This year’s powwow will be April 2nd & 3rd at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Mi.  For more info click on this pdf:
volunteer at ann arbor powwow

U of M Native Student Celebration 2016
Friday, April 29, you are invited to be part of the annual Native Student Celebration! The celebration acknowledges the accomplishments of graduating Native students. The local Native community, faculty and staff provides cultural enrichment to the ceremony. For more info click on this pdf:
UM Native Student Celebration 2016

Trevor Lifeguard Workshop
Thursday, April 28th, 5:00pm-9:00pm
For youth: To learn about life for LGBTQ2S Youth.
(flier below)

Trevor Ally Training
Friday, April 29th, 8am-noon
The Trevor Ally Program helps adults learn about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and two-spirit people, with an emphasis on youth, the specific risks and challenges they face, and how they can become an “ally” by knowing valuable resources and strategies. (flier below)

Trevor CARE Training
Friday, April 29th , 1pm-5pm
The Trevor CARE Trainings help adults who work with youth learn to “Connect, Accept, Respond and Empower” (CARE) young people in crisis. (flier below)

Trevor Trainings Location
All Trevor trainings will be at American Indian Health and Family Services, 4880 Lawndale St., Detroit, Michigan. To register for these FREE workshops, contact Karen Marshall at (313) 846-6030, ext. 1404.

Trevor Project TrainingsMen’s Circle
Mondays from 11am to 1pm. It is meant to provide a safe haven for men wishing to share and discuss life’s challenges as well as life’s many joys. For more info contact Shelly Nimocks-Hinshaw 313-846-6030.



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